Take a look at some of my work:

Heya Social

Heya Social is a social platform where people can connect based on hobbies and interests. Research shows that about 47% of people feel lonely in the netherlands, and 1 in 5 people don't have any good friends. I co-founded this project and business together with my buddy Daniel (LNGZL), and are currently working on a first release. Our goal within this project is to make as many ways possible for someone to connect with new people.


It's basically a font in pure (S)CSS. It started off as one of the less serious projects, and it currently still is one of my less serious projects.


There are alot of occasions where another whatsapp group is created, with the sole purpose of storing quotes. Why not keep them stored in an nicely styled app, that also has the sole purpose of storing quotes. Created in collaboration with my buddy Daniel! (LNGZL)


A school project, with primary goal to setup a CI/CD pipeline. The project itself was done in Golang and Vue, with a selfhosted Gitlab CI pipeline. The website was meant for music bands, with as goal to easily manage sheet music. It's always a pain to search through all the sheet music until you find the correct one.